About The Photographer

Hello people!

My name is Charli Chmylowskyj, it’s simple, it’s pronounced Mi-Louw-ski, the CH and J are all silent. And yes it would score highly in Scrabble! Everyone calls me Charli, or Mike, or Charles, the choice is yours, but yes, I am a girl! I’ve been a serious photographer for over eight years now, it started with a 365 project, taking a photo a day, everyday, for a year, and then I did it again, because I like a challenge! Rather than stunt any creativity or passion for photography, it actually ignited a whole new career and the chance to photograph some wonderful people and places!

I’ve had a mixed bag of careers in the past, some happy, some stressful, some downright disheartening and currently I work as a therapy radiographer, no, I don’t take x-rays, well not in the conventional way you’re thinking anyway. I use very high powered x-rays to treat cancer. It’s a wonderful job, I love it, and therefore can’t give it up, but it doesn’t distract from my passion for photographing people in love. Capturing those special moments, those little glances, the details, Granny’s face, Dad’s dancing, you get the picture, right? My first wedding was in 2012 and since then I’ve had some formal training at the wonderful Aspire Photography School.

I’ve lived in the North West for over 7 years, moving up from London in 2011, it’s been a magical time and now I’m based in a small village north of Lockerbie. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, it’s beautiful here, but you know that, that’s why you’re getting married here! Let’s keep it our secret.

I’ve been married to Graham for 13 years, he is the design genius behind Black Cat Photography, he likes burgers, motorbikes and Led Zeppelin.

As you may have guessed, I like cats, particularly my now departed beautiful black cat, Bruce, the inspiration behind the name and the logo! We now have a new girl on the block called Kuro! Other things I love include Lincoln City FC, Sunsets, travel, vintage jewellery and cheese.

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